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Avi Lambert

Strategic Marketing and Business Dev Expert
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Photonic Public Relations Inc.
Founding Photonic Public Relations Inc. in 2014, Avi's deep experience across industries helps leaders and corporations to integrate digital transformation into business development, marketing, public relations, and sales. The mission of his firm is to help leaders and corporations to be more successful and effective. He has accreditation and training in business model canvas training and coaching, community based social marketing, and public engagement. He is also an active member of CPRS.
The services Photonic Public Relations Inc. offers are management consulting divided into three main areas: public relations, branding, and business development. We train executive teams, facilitate the development of storyboards, brand identity, campaigns, and strategy, and provide the implementation, management and reporting on social sales, lead generation, and targeted marketing.

We work with small and medium business, enterprise, non-profits and professional associations.
Avi Lambert speaks English
CAD 10.00/min
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