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Lonnie Sciambi
"The Entrepreneur's Yoda"​- Small Business Advisor
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The Small Business Force
I'm “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda” and my passion is inspiring and guiding entrepreneurs and small business owners to achieve your dreams… and keep you from “the dark side.” I have 30+ years in entrepreneurial trenches. I am an author - Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success, speaker and advisor/mentor to small business owners. Every small business has unique challenges and faces uncertainty at different times and this is where Yoda can help.
Through the services and products I provide, you won’t get any catchy buzz-words, theories "du jour" or "consultant-speak." Just results! Anybody can plan. I help entrepreneurs and small businesses execute!

To see how I can help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams, give me a call at (732) 787-2240, send an email to

Lonnie Sciambi speaks English
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