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How to Find a Job in Social Media

How to Find a Job in Social Media

With the present economic climate and the evolution of Internet technology, the traditional method for those seeking employment has drastically shifted. The process- identifying jobs based upon one’s major, writing a resume, and completing a candidate profile on company sites, in hopes of getting an interview from the HR Director-is, pretty much, an ideal of the past. Companies are challenged to find qualified candidates that they believe will add value and creativity to their respective industries. This article will highlight today’s leading social media positions and provide information about the communication skills candidates need to be successful in finding employment. Tips for approaching potential employers and building an online presence will be provided to candidates interested in working in the social media field.

Jobs in Social Media

Last month the Bureau of Labor statistics highlighted that employment in the professional services sector had grown by 648,000. The communication industry is expected to grow by 12% within the next ten years. The highest percentage of growth is in the field of marketing, media and promotion. Heightened competition exists for qualified candidates in the communication sector to find innovative ways to brand the online presence of companies wishing to build a strong consumer base.  Individuals with a degree in communication will be needed to help employers integrate social media platforms that will help to raise engagement with consumers.

Brand Marketing & Promotion Description (Salary Range $47,000.00-53,000.00)

Individuals in the brand marketing and promotion sector will have to find ways to build rapport between the company and the public. This individual will have to utilize Social Media tools to create rapport with consumers. Candidates will need to be able to create written content in an organized manner.  Professional speaking abilities will be needed to handle client concerns on behalf of the company in question.

Online Editor (Salary Range $35,000.00-60,000.00)

An Online Editor will be tasked in writing content for a company. The editor will need to have strong written and oral communication skills. The ability to work in a time-sensitive manner is needed. This person must demonstrate self-discipline and insight of writing solid content to engage the reader and build  consumer traffic to the company website.

Market Analysis/Researcher (Salary Range $50,000.00- $63,000.00)

Many companies are searching for individuals with expertise in market analysis and research. Individuals will need to have strong analytical skills to evaluate and assess the best marketing strategy to attract potential consumers. An ability to analyze data and create strategic plans to move the marketing approach of a given product forward is needed.

Prepare to Work in the Field of Social Media

First, candidates interested in working in the Social Media field are encouraged to create a video resume to show prospective employers their knowledge and awareness of using social media tools to build online presence. Second, individuals can enroll in communication and technology  courses to develop knowledge of Social media tools  ( Google Adwords/ Analytics, Facebook Power Editor, Twitter Advertising and LinkedIn).

In conclusion, the communication industry is one that is vastly changing with the need for qualified applicants with the knowledge of social media.  It is highly advised that candidates find innovative ways to adapt to the needs of companies seeking to strengthen their brand.


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posted Aug 16, 2017 by Dr. Allana Todman-Da Graca

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