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7 Smart Investments for Your B2B Marketing Budget PART 1

Marketers constantly need to do more with less. With so many marketing options, how do you know where to direct your limited budget? Here are seven investments that will help you get the most bang for your buck …

If you’re a marketing director or leader, you juggle endless responsibilities.

You must devise and implement your company’s marketing strategy, ensure that your team creates engaging content, deliver leads to sales, and stay on top of ever-evolving industry standards.

And that’s not all …

You must also devise a budget that keeps your marketing machine running smoothly.

Your budget is the foundation for all of your marketing decisions. How can you ensure that you direct your limited resources to the areas that will bring you the most bang for your buck?

Here are seven tips that will help you maximize your marketing budget:

1. Arm sales with the content that they need to close.

Many marketing departments focus on creating new content … the shinier, the better. 

While publishing new content is important, you also must ensure that your sales team will use it. According to the American Marketing Association, 90% of marketing deliverables are not used by sales.


If your sales team doesn’t see the value in your content, they won’t share it with leads. They may even create their own content, which could be off-brand. A lack of sales-ready content can lengthen your buying cycles and impact your revenue.

Create a process to equip reps with the materials that they need to close deals, so they spend less time searching for or creating content. For example, make sure that your brochures, case studies, and white papers are updated and on-brand. 

Also, review your content to make sure that it is mobile-friendly. A CSO Insights survey revealed that only 12% of reps could bring up critical sales material up on their smartphones.

When you equip your reps with appropriate content for late-stage leads, you allow them to spend their time on what they do best – sell.

2. Repurpose your content to reach a wider audience.

Repurposing content is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to get more value from your marketing budget. It allows you to publish more often and reach a wider audience – without doubling your content efforts.

One way to repurpose your content is to invest in the creation of one major piece, such as an ebook or essential guide. This piece will act as your “sun,” and all of your other content will orbit around it.

While creating a major piece of content takes a bit of planning up front, you probably already have something that you can reuse and repurpose.

Once you have this content, you can easily repurpose it into other formats for your other channels – saving time in the long run. Oracle’s Content Pillar Approachshows you how you can get 269 pieces of content from a single ebook.

Source: Oracle, How to Produce 269 (or more) Content Assets From a Single eBook”

Starting with a large piece of content and breaking it down makes it easy for you to fill your editorial calendar and reach customers across a variety of channels.

posted Aug 11, 2017 by Rachel Foster

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