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Take Your Computer to the Next Level: Set Up Virtual Machines

posted Aug 11, 2017 by Joanna Liberty

Take Your Computer to the Next Level: Set Up Virtual Machines


Take Your Computer to the Next Level: Set Up Virtual Machines

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It’s my favorite time of year.

That one magical, mystical time when lazy summer days evolve from sunshine and giggles to the early autumn days filled with smells of pencils being sharpened and new clothes ready for the wearing.

It’s back to school season!

As a mother of young kids, I will miss them terribly when they are at school, but I also know that they will be learning so much and having fun and new interactions with their new teachers and classes. But because I’m also a college student, for me it means a few more blissful weeks until my classes start – plenty of time to buy oodles of office supplies because in this fantastic time of year when the supplies I adore are plentiful!

I really love office supplies. Sometimes I think part of the reason I went back to school was to have legitimate reasons to buy more office supplies. The only thing I love more than office supplies is tech gear which makes sense given my major.

I’m working on a degree in Cyber Security and Information Assurance. Sounds fun, right? It totally is – very interesting and intriguing. I started in this degree after having worked as a technician for almost a decade. I like doing things in interesting orders, as you can tell.

Back to School Technology

My interest in computers started very early thanks to my father who is also interested in computers and works in the field. My first introduction to the world of tech support didn’t start right away, though – I didn’t start helping other people until high school.

I attended a residential public high school (shout out to Indiana Academy!) back in the days when we used ancient technology like hubs and zip drives. In those days, we also didn’t have a tech support service to call at all hours. Or maybe other people know of a person to call, but I simply enjoyed finding my way through? We may never know.

When my friends who lived on the same floor needed help, I was happy to pitch in. Using computers was fun and exciting, and I had learned quite a bit about it from my dad, so there was no downside for me. For my friends, having printers work from their rooms was super sweet (especially after curfew when you HAD to have a paper done, long live procrastinators).

In my experience, there’s always one person in any crowd that seems to repel technology. No matter how well configured a setup may be, there is one person (like my friend Kate) who is able to merely sit near the technology and sparks start flying, smoke emitting, and then nothing works ever again. That might be a slight exaggeration, but still…

These days, I also have children who really want to learn how to use a computer well, but are still dangerous enough to make repairs long and tiresome.

However, there is a solution that I use for my schoolwork that will also help other students – and parents – to make their computers less likely to be crashed by the tech repellent, curious kid fingers, and even weird software you may have to download for classes: creating virtual machines.

By setting up virtual machines on your computer, you will be able to get the most out of your classes while still being able to have fun. And by have fun, I mean play games, because despite what my father used to say, computers ARE for playing games. And also for doing work/education stuff, but let’s be real – totally for playing games.

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