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About us

HEADSTORE was founded in July 2012 with headquarter in Zurich Switzerland.

HEADSTORE provides with a trusted marketplace packed with answers, articles, documents and experts rated and reviewed by our clients. Quality matters to us and we consider it our mission to find you the very best answers and connect you to experts that can benefit you the most. That’s why all our experts are handpicked and have to pass a rigorous selection process. Our embedded communication service guarantees a safe and secure connection with experts via paid online voice & video service.

How it works

Ask questions for free, find qualified answers and experts with unbiased reviews from other clients.

Ask a question for free: Begin by typing your question and our experts will answer it.

Browse qualified answers: Begin by typing your question. Similar questions, which are already answered by our experts, are displayed to you.

Connect to the best expert: You can visit profiles from our experts directly from their answers, articles and documents or You can search using, keywords, tags or location and check out a expert’s profile where you will find unbiased ratings from others to select the best expert for you. When you want to contact a expert you can request an appointment or simply send them a message using our built-in paid online voice & video service PAYCALL who makes it easy to start a conversation. Help experts to build reputation by voting answers, articles, documents and calls.