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How is digital marketing evolving?

asked May 22, 2017 by Jose Gonzalez
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One thing we are seeing is the pervasive growth of inbound marketing, which interestingly blends many of the same tactical and strategic elements of public relations with content marketing. In PR we don't buy ads for clients to get them covered in the news media, we instead identify what is most unique, credible and newsworthy about out clients and tell that story to the news media, industry influencers and potential customers in hopes of getting them to say great things about our clients, (see earned media). We use tools like press releases, media relations, speeches, social media, podcasts, blogs and more to achieve those ends.

My agency helps clients achieve a high status level of credibility through earned media and other efforts so that prospective customers seek them or their brand out. The ultimate success is when our clients become known to new customers (for want of a better word), then delight these customers so much that customers become brand ambassadors.

That, in essence, is what inbound marketing does. Not too far off from PR.
May 23, 2017
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The recent Google Marketing Next announcement shows that SEO is changing to encapsulate long tail keywords and the phrases people use in search. Here's the keynote below:

In terms of the tactic of targeted marketing, another thing that's changing, from my seat as the president of a marketing firm, is the ability to target leads, new customers, much more easily with tools that connect with analytics.
May 25, 2017
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Social is eating all other forms of marketing.

More and more emails are going to spam or "Google Promotions" like folders.

Website banners are the visual version of "white noise."

The targeting of social media advertising is unprecedented, and the ROI is strong.  It's so effective that video is quickly moving from traditional channels (i.e. TV) to social, to leverage the data.
May 25, 2017
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A few years ago, clients came to us looking for "digital marketing" which, at the time, focused on creating mini commercials or informationals that would tempt potential consumers to either go to the client's web site or call them to purchase a product or service. The goal was to get your commercial or informational to "go viral" so that people shared your video sales pitch over and over in the hopes that the "ready buyer" would see the video and make the jump to the site or call.

Today,  I can see a post on Instagram and with a click or two, purchase the lipstick, hair care product, handbag, dress, and shoes of the model, by taping on an embedded link. I don't have to figure out the designer is or navigate out to a stockist website. I can shop my social media. This is a huge game changer. Not only because it cuts down on engagement distraction (where a potential consumer gets distracted before they actually make a purchase), but it means that smaller businesses can compete on a relatively even playing field, because they don't have the huge commercial cost layouts.

Through social media, I can book a spa, buy concert tickets, reserve a table at a restaurant, book a test drive of a car, all by engaging with a photo or video clip.

But it doesn't end with booking things and buying things. I can now engage with all sorts of professionals. Doctors can discuss my ailments, review my blood sugar and pressure, even look at an injury. Psychologists and counselors can help me with issues. I can attend school, view real estate open houses,  interact with lawyers, attend board meetings, participate in industry conferences, and engage with clients. In fact, in my business a majority of my clients work with us remotely.

All of this when boiled down, is as a direct result of changing digital marketing.  If I'm a doctor in a small, rural  town, there is a limit to the number of patients that I can see, because of my location. But, if I create a website, start engaging people on social media, and brand myself as a specialist in pediatric medicine, as long as I have a platform to  interact with them (and accept payment) my ability to earn an income changes tremendously. I am no longer limited by my location.

IMO digital marketing will continue to make it easier and easier for people to instantly buy and sell products and information. Facebook and Instagram are already becoming like the impulse buy isle at the grocery store where inexpensive, flashy things pop up as sponsored ads frequently in your news feed. By the same token, this ease of access will also break companies quickly if they fall afoul of consumer expectation.
Jun 14, 2017
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Digital marketing is evolving because the space has no boundaries. It has no age, economic, location, educational or category barrier. Any business small or large and anyone who has access to a smart phone and can copy and paste can build a business online and compete with everyone in their space.

The best part about it is that if a business owner is determined they can do it for free and on their own time. For the medium sized to larger businesses that want to enter this space, make sure you hire the right digital agency or marketer to help you find the best solutions for your business so you don't get into costly campaigns that don't produce a definitive ROI.
Aug 26, 2017
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