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How do you attract people to a site that is introducing a new topic?

asked May 22, 2017 by Jose Gonzalez
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If it's a truly a new concept, it'll be tricky.  Two pieces of advice:

1) Position it as an alternative to a well-known solution (one with significant traffic)

2) Determine your dream buyer and run a niche Facebook ad campaign.
May 25, 2017
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A new topic is a great opportunity. Leverage your topic in a few niche, or close topics that aren't too crowded. Ones that get consistent followings that can lead you to influencers in other areas. Once you get established in smaller markets, branching into larger ones are easier.

A great way to do this is by guest posting and blogging on similar market sites. For example, if your new topic revolutionizes how meat is cooked, maybe become a guest blogger on a local farmer market website. Build traction with their loyal following and branch from there.

If customers see your brand or topic as an extension of an existing one, they are more likely to adopt your topic as their norm, and feed it into their daily life.

You can do this by creating what is called a "link building" or "backlink" campaign. By guest posting, influencer marketing (not the teenagers with a million followers on instagram, but your local guy that is influential in the community), and building a reputation, you can create a manual snowball effect.

New topics do not need to be exploded every time. They need control, and a steady growth as to not overwhelm the community.
Jun 29, 2017
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