Is there a way to determine what customers of a competitors website searches for?
asked May 22 by Jose Gonzalez
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Hi Jose,
There is no way to tell for sure.  But, looking  at the competitors title tags  in Google will give you a good indication of the terms they are trying to optimize on:

In Google type the name of the site URL preseded by a "site:"   for eample searhc wedding

This will show you a page with the title tag:  " Wedding Flowers in Halifax"  

so we know they want to get found on that search term.

Search it and see how they a doing.
May 24
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SpyFu ( is the closest option to what you're looking for.
May 25
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Try, it gives a ton of information about how the website it used, where people are coming from and audience interests. You can then use this info to build a more targeted customer profile. Not every site is there though so you will have to make sure the sites you search are somewhat popular, but definitely very informative.
May 25
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An easy way to keep up to date on competitor search terms is by creating Google alerts for their keywords.
Go to

And from there, grab keywords that your competitors use from site: back searches, SpyFu, etc. From this point on, these alerts will show you the biggest hits and you can hone in from there!

Another great tool is use Google Adwords. Adwords allows you to create keyword "banks" from related search terms. For example the term "tailgate" might pop up with "chevy tailgate" as a related keyword and then "chevy truck hitch" as another. By going down this "rabbit hole" you can find a lot of highly searched keywords that relate to what your competitors are optimized for.
Jun 29
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