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How can I become a more strong and effective leader for my company?

asked May 22, 2017 by Jose Gonzalez
660 PointsSilver
Hello Jose,

Thank you for this question. In my opinion, think of the famous line 'Know Thyself': It's about taking the time to have a strong vision for your own leadership and leadership team as well as for your company. If you want to lead and motivate a strong workforce, also make sure to know and share the vision and core values of what the company wants to do within the organization and within the community.

A good leader understand that he and his team are here to serve others not just increase the bottom line. It's an honor to be a leader and and it's a leadership obligation to create a caring and connected workforce for all employees, not just the executives and shareholders.  For example, when I was a leadership executive for a health care system, our vision was to 'be the leader in providing a service and care for older adults and the chronically ill.'  We all understood our vision and knew that we were there to serve people in need. Our leader, the C.E.O & President, encouraged us to honour the vision and the core values and we met regularly to update each other on congruency with that vision. As well, we were encouraged to lead by example and take care of our teams so they all had a voice and felt they worked in a fair, accountable and caring environment.  

As many of us spend much of our lives at our place of employment, an effective leader leads with both accountability and kindness - they walk hand in hand for the long-term benefit of all employees.
May 23, 2017
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Being a good leader is one who can see and interpret the vision to their
team. Not only can they see and interpret the vision, they role up their sleeves and lead by
example. By doing this, it creates trust by the whole team. If a team trusts each other AND their
leader - there is nothing they can not accomplish together.
Aug 23, 2017
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