Is SEO for my website crucial for marketing?
asked May 22 by Hannah Baker
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Hi Hannah,
SEO is crucial.  It lets you read a potential customers mind.  

When they do a search for a product or service, they find you.  Perfect.

It is not complicated.  Google needs to see two things:

1.  Do you have a page about that specific search term.   If you sell wedding flowers in Halifax you need a page about wedding flowers in Halifax:   "Wedding Flowers in Halifax"    for example:


2.  You need people to link to that page.   So you can link to it from facebook, from a blog, for twitter and ask your vendors or clients to link to it as well.

Also very important is to have a good Google My business page.

May 24
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99% of the time yes. There are very few exceptions- large enough brand and presence.

70% of consumers are doing research before making purchases online. You want to take active measures to ensure you are found in search engines.
Jul 6
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SEO doesn't work anymore. Not like it did in the good 'ol days.

I define SEO as a hack to get your website to the top of the search results. It doesn't work in a 1:1 ratio, and probably not a 1:100 in terms of effort:ranking.

Basically, it's gotten a LOT harder to rank on search engines like Google IF you don't already have some solid rankings. Sorry to be a major buzzkill, but as they say, the truth hurts.
Oct 18
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