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Hi Jose, Unfortunately, this is a classic "it depends" question. Is there a certain CRM system integration needed? What kind of automation requirements do you have (i.e. if this happens, do that)? Do you hope to do SMS or eCommerce? Having the right integrations will save you a lot of headaches down the road. For typical "batch and blast" affordable email marketing, MailChimp is a great product. For a business that needs (or would like to grow into) more sophisticated automation needs ActiveCampaign is excellent. If you're an enterprise organization (read: lots of $$$), Marketo is the cream of the crop. Most organizations don't need near this much power though. I hope that helped! Austin
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One thing we are seeing is the pervasive growth of inbound marketing, which interestingly blends many of the same tactical and strategic elements of public relations with content marketing. In PR we don't buy ads for clients to get them covered in the news media, we instead identify what is most unique, credible and newsworthy about out clients and tell that story to the news media, industry influencers and potential customers in hopes of getting them to say great things about our clients, (see earned media). We use tools like press releases, media relations, speeches, social media, podcasts, blogs and more to achieve those ends. My agency helps clients achieve a high status level of credibility through earned media and other efforts so that prospective customers seek them or their brand out. The ultimate success is when our clients become known to new customers (for want of a better word), then delight these customers so much that customers become brand ambassadors. That, in essence, is what inbound marketing does. Not too far off from PR.
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Hi Jose, There is no way to tell for sure. But, looking at the competitors title tags in Google will give you a good indication of the terms they are trying to optimize on: In Google type the name of the site URL preseded by a "site:" for eample searhc wedding This will show you a page with the title tag: " Wedding Flowers in Halifax" so we know they want to get found on that search term. Search it and see how they a doing.
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It would be important to have a strategic career plan in place. This can include deciding what your core values are in a work environment and do research on companies that would both align with your values and utilize your skills. It's important the atmosphere you would do best in rather than just applying to all jobs that take your skills. Update your resume - check out a site like and write a passionate and powerful cover letter sharing why you would be a good hire and have main points that can be tailored to solving the issues the company needs to hire you for. Each cover letter should be changed to reflect the job needs you are applying for but you can have a strong base. Create a plan for moving forward once all your tools are in place and decide how much time you will spend each day on both networking, applying for jobs and reaching out to connections on networking sites like LinkedIn or Alignable. Build a self intro for written and verbal use so people can understand what you are looking for and conversations can lead to introductions. Also, send an email with all your relevant contacts sharing what you are looking for and being open about asking for help connecting. People like to help those who are clear in their needs and helpful themselves. Make sure to thank all who take the time to help you. You can put all these steps in a simple plan and use it as your base for moving forward from freelancing to working in a company.
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Hi Jose, Here are some pro's and con's I can speak on from my personal experience. Pro's - 1. You have the ability to make your own hours 2. You have a business that can adapt and expand to current IT trends 3. You will be in an industry that is always expanding and you will never run out of potential clients. 4. You get to create business relationships and help other companies grow their product and is very rewarding. Con's - 1. Lot's of competition. 2. Since the IT field is constantly changing it requires a lot of "homework" of keeping current with new innovations. 3. Cost to maintain your company infrastructure may be a large sum, depending on your scope of support. 4. You will require a team that are capable of all aspects of IT support, so again cost. 5. Some projects can be magnanimous or high stress.
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